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Since our official beginning in June 2009, our incredible team of horses and dedicated volunteer therapists, educators, and equine professionals, have helped children take their first steps and speak their first words.  Our horses have helped teens and adults to look inside of themselves and find their personal power, and their own beautiful spirit. Our team has also helped horses heal from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and helped other horses transition into a new career as a healing, guiding horse and friend.  Together the horse and the human will make a magical, natural connection and a bond that leaves everyone it touches with a truly remarkable experience, and a life forever changed.

 For the humans...

We specialize in helping children and adults find the holistic connection between their mind, body and spirit so they can live productive, healthy, joyful lives. Each session is based on the Heart Work For Horses philosophy, which is a holistic approach to learning, behavior change and adaptation, physiology and empathetic communication...all with the help of the majestic, powerful and intuitive horse.

Our sponsored programs are offered at locations throughout the Southern Tier, Central and Western NY. Each location offers options for full and half year equestrian and rehabilitative programs, as well as day and multi-day clinics and trainings for therapists and educators. You can learn more about our programs by clicking here.

We are proud to have highly trained, credentialed and certified volunteers and staff providing our sponsored services, and are an Organization/Facility Member of the American Hippotherapy Association. 

For the horses...

At the center of our programming is the horse. We hold equine welfare, and the humane care of horses in the highest regard. We work with a network of top rescues across the county to rehome, rehabilitate and rescue horses in need. In recent years, our efforts have been centered on the retiring Thoroughbred race horse, and it has led us to form the Excelsior Thoroughbred Advancement Program with Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Inc. Our founder is the creator of the Horse Welfare Collective, a new group of leaders in the rescue community who freely share their knowledge and expertise through social media, to make the world a better place for horses.

The photos above are of Paco, who was removed from local Hippotherapy facility on June 9th, 2009, less than one month after his placement. He will forever be our inspiration to hold therapeutic programs to the highest standards for the physical and emotional well-being of the horse, and to educate the public on the proper care and treatment of these amazing creatures.

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Our unique program brings horses, farm animals, companion animals and trained adult professionals and volunteers together to provide the only comprehensive animal assisted therapies program of its kind in the Southern Tier and Central NY. Because of our many scholarship options, each and every session is delivered at no charge to the participant whenever possible. We receive no state or federal funding for our services, are not a United Way recipient, nor are these services covered under insurance plans.

We rely on the support of donors just like you to make these life changing programs possible.

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