Excelsior Thoroughbred Program

The Excelsior Thoroughbred Advancement Program strives to bring awareness to the beauty, versatility, intelligence and suitability of the retired Thoroughbred Racehorse for work in therapy settings.

Anyone who has even met, trained with or loved a Thoroughbred will understand when we say there is no more worthy, able and promising breed for this program. Each year, thousands of these incredible athletes will face their most challenging race...survival. No longer useful, no longer winning, they become a liability and a by-product of the multi-billion dollar Thoroughbred racing industry. They don't retire to lush green fields, sadly, most will lose their lives in a slaughter plant in Canada or Mexico.

Our program is named in honor of our founders beloved Thoroughbred, JC Prince Moon Sun. Trooper's show name is Excelsior, which means "ever upward". Trooper raced only twice at Charlestown. Never even breaking his Maiden. Thankfully, Trooper was purchased off the track and went on to have an amazing life with his previous owner, and with Colleen and Allyson. But that doesn't happen nearly enough for these amazing horses. And we want to change that!

We will be working with Second Chance Thoroughbreds of Spencer, NY and Itaska Show Stable in Whitney Point, NY to adopt, rescue or rehabilitate Thoroughbreds who are retiring from the track. Preference will be given to the “War Horse”, or the older Thoroughbred who shows promise for therapy work. These horses are typically difficult to place in show homes, where younger horses are preferred, but many have the personality, training, and kind inquisitive nature that is perfectly suited for work in Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Facilitated Mental Health.

The Thoroughbreds will be partnered with Veterans who are part of our Willis Ashley Foley Jr. Warriors And War Horses program. They will also work with teens at risk of failing in the traditional school setting, and adults recovering from additions or transitioning to life outside of an institutional setting. The Thoroughbreds we bring into the program will receive comprehensive professional training for a discipline that suits them, such as Dressage, Hunters and Jumpers or Cross Country. When training is complete, the horses will be adopted into fully vetted, approved homes with preference given to therapeutic environments.

Our goal is to raise $7800 each year to support the retraining and placement of an outstanding Thoroughbred. Adoption fees will be used to support additional Thoroughbreds in transition as the program grows. 

Borrowed Freedom supports the efforts of Water Hay Oats Alliance and the passage of federal legislation to prohibit the use of performance enhancing drugs in horse racing. Since January 1st, 2009, there have been 854 deaths on New York State race tracks alone. The overwhelming majority are Thoroughbreds. Since January 1st of 2014 there have been 41 racing or training related deaths.

With your support, we can help Thoroughbreds in need to have a future in a loving home or as a therapeutic partner.

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