Meet The Team

We believe that a sanctuary environment allows our clients to experience deeper connections to the horses, it teaches compassion, respect, dignity and nurtures the love of nature and respect for all living things

The Horses

The horses and farm animals are the heart and soul of our program. One of the first things visitors and students say when they first come to Epona Farm Sanctuary is how happy the horses are, and how well cared for the animals are. They would never guess that many of them have struggled through abuse, neglect, starvation or that they have special needs of their own. Without these horses, and their compassion and ability to mirror our own intentions…the magic can’t happen. Epona Farm Sanctuary brings a holistic approach into everything that that do, including the care of the animals, and our clients have the opportunity to learn from the Veterinary and Farrier team, as well as the other health and wellness professionals that attend to them.


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